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Salt Treatment

Increases Slime Coat

Why should you add salt to your Pond?

Some will say that, if one adds salt to their pond on a regular bases, too much of a build up will occur. Fact is that the salt will eventually be lost due to evaporation and natural processes. This is why the treatment is repeated, not on a daily routine, though monthly or bi-monthly works very well.

With that said, lets answer the question: Why should I give my pond a salt treatment?

(1) Increases Slime Coat: A fish's slime coat is it's defense system against many illments, as our white blood cells are to us. A good slime coat on a fish equals a healthier fish.

(2) Decreases Parasites: It will help control the number of parasites. Will it kill all parasites? No! But, any treatment that helps to control parasites, without harming fish and plants (use recommended doses), is a very positive step toward healthier fish and pond.

(3) Detours Deseases: This doesn't mean that it prevents all deseases, but, mainly because of the good slime coat, it helps to guard the fish from desease attacks.

(4) Controls Stress: Please note: salt does not prevent all causeses of stress, as there are many, however, it helps to control some stress and can help to subside stress, if administered at the time of need. How does it help to control stress? Strengthens the fishes immune system, therefore, the fish feels more secure and not as apt to panick during stressful times. Here again, mainly due to the fish's slime coat. Now, we understand the importance of a good healthy slime coat.

One of our objectives is to be completely honest to the water gardener adventurer, therefore, if there are two sides to something, we give both sides. So lets answer another question.

Are there some negatives to adding salt to the Pond? Yes, there are some negatives:

(1) Salt is Corrosive: Salt agents causes corrosion, such as on metals.

(2) Increases Maintenance: Because of the corrosion build up, the life of the pump may be decreased, unless periodic cleanings of the pump are increased. Some components on the pump may corrode due to the salt treatments. During cleanings of the filters etc, thoroughly clean the pump.

It has been our experience that the positives of salt treatments out weigh the negatives. After all, our main objectives are healthier fish and a healthier pond, which gives us more watergardening enjoyment. Please read our treatment procedures below:

Note: We use water softener salt, administered to the pond through the filter system.

Caution: If fish comes in contact with salt cubes or undissolved salt, it can burn them.

Caution#2: Note the additives of the salt you are using. Water softener salt is best to use; do not use salt with iodine etc.

You can figure the pounds of salt per gallon of pond volumn to use by dividing the amount of pond gallons of water by 120. Exam: 41.6 pounds of salt could treat a 5000 gallon pond (5000 divided by 120). Note: We use a 40 pound bag to treat our 5000 gallon ponds approx. once a month. If bi-monthly is preferred, and it works good with no signs of problems, it would be acceptable.

Pond Formulas for Gallons and Surface Areas:

Rectangle or Square pond-- depth x length x width x 7.5 = gallons; length x width / 9 = square yards of surface area.

Circular pond-- diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9 = gallons; half the diameter squared (x itself) x 3.14 / 9 = sq. yds. of surface area.

Oval shaped pond-- width x length x depth x 6.7 = gallons; 3.14 x length x width / 9 = square yards of surface area.

Stronger salt treatments are administered to individual fish only, that have developed a particular problem. This would be called a salt bath and would be administered for no more than 5 to 10 seconds with close observation.

Thanks for viewing this page concerning salt treatments, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you be successful.


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