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Here are some files and programs that we wanted to make available to you for Download. It is our desire that these downloads will benefit you in some way, as we appreciate your support.

The following information pertains to the files and programs we offer for download; read about them and then proceed to the bottom of this page to download:

(1) Acrozip4 is a good zip/unzip program to use with your zip format programs. This is a self extracting program.

(2) Build your own biological filter system....These are the same pages that you can view here on line, but we wanted to make them available to download for your convenience. They are in zip format, so you will need to extract them or unzip the files. After extracted they will be in a jpeg format and can be viewed or printed from a graphics viewer. See IrfanView below for more details.

(3) Banner Crafter....This is a program that can be used to make your own banners. This is a self extracting program.

(4) Banner Crafter help....This is a self extracting help file that will auto install into your banner crafter program and will provide help, as you are familiarizing yourself with the program.

(5) IrfanView 3.3....A self extracting graphics viewer. Supports many formats and has nice features. Use it to view and/or print our Biological Filter Pages or other graphics you have in your library.

(6) Link Crafter....This program will find other same type sites as yours by typing in key words. It is a good program to help you find other sites to link to and that can link back to your website and increase traffic to both sites.


Build your own Biological Filter System

Banner Crafter

Banner Crafter Help


Link Crafter

Acrozip4 is offered for download with permission by Jan Verhoeven, visit her website by clicking the following link:

Jan Verhoeven

This page is sponsored by Little River Water Gardens: Home of the Sundancer Koi Farm.

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