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Fish Stress

Stress prevention can prevent fish illness.

The number one cause of Fish Stress is bad water quality. How do we keep a good pond environment? There are two important factors:

(1) Plant Balance...A healthy pond generally has 70 to 75% plant surface coverage. Why is this so important? The answer is for algae control. It provides shade for the pond, as algae feeds on the sun rays, and competes against the algae for the nitrates in the water, a food source for both. Therefore, a good plant balance can actually cause the algae to starve itself to non-existance. The most popular plant to accomplish this is the water lily. The lily pads provide excellent shade for the pond.

(2) Biological Filtration System...A combination of good plant balance and a good filter system is the best equation for maintaining a healthier pond and fish. A good bio-filter helps with water circulation, aeration and pond cleaning. Its main purpose is to produce (grow) beneficial bacteria, of which is added to the pond as the filter functions. Although many are primarily aimed at this purpose only; the filter system we build is designed for beneficial bacteria growth, pond cleaning and aeration. See our Biological Filtration System pages to learn how to build your very own Biological Filter System.

Please note: Do not over feed your fish! This will pollute the water, effecting the pond's chemical balance, oxygen supply and providing conditions for bad bateria habitat

If the above is accomplished, the pond will be easier to maintain. Less maintenance, visible fish and beautiful plant colors means less work and much more time to enjoy your magnificent pond. The above topics are good stress prevention measures. The following are additional causes of Fish Stress:

(1) Fish relocation or moving and handling the fish.

(2) Over Crowded (the pond is overcrowded in proportion to its size). A good rule is one 10-12" fish per 50 gallons of water and no more.

(3) Lack of aeration (water circulation), causing oxygen deficiency.

(4) Poor water quality (As mentioned above).

The importance of Fish Stress cannot be overly stated. It is the number one cause of fish deseases and illnesses, which leaves the fish's defense system open to bacterial attacks.

If you notice reddish fin tips, on your fish, it could be that they are stressed (See our pond salt treatment procedure).

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