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Tips for Water Gardeners

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Welcome to Lrwg's Tips Pages;

We want to help your water gardening adventures to be a joyful experience. The following pages are to help you solve and prevent common problems; to help your pond, fish and plants to be healthier and a greater joy, not more work.

If other information is needed, email our Free Consultation Services. In this way, we can provide the help you need.

(1) We will provide help with fish diseases, parasites and general fish care.

(2) We will help you to a healthier pond and provide pond care solutions.

(3) We can provide information on any water gardening plant; how to care for them, and which plants are right for what pond, bog or wetland.

We are your own personal Water Gardening Help Center at your disposal, this service is forever free to the water gardener, to help them in all aspects of their adventures.

If you can't get the information from us, it's not available.


Here are some important Tips to help you enjoy your pond more.

Fish Stress

Pond Winterizing

Salt Treatment

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Little River Water Gardens

We hope you will find these pages beneficial, if you need more help, let us know. In this way we will expand our tips pages for everyone's benefit.

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